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Effective Hair losstreatment suggestions

Hair loss although is a minor condition impact the self-esteem of the individual, given the beauty standards associated with it. Both men and women identify hair loss in a distressed way, however, the effect is slightly more intense in women. Losing hair in the amount of 100-150 hairs per day is quite normal and when this number significantly increases accompanied by thinning of the hairline it can possibly be inferred as a sign of hair loss.

21st century ushered in a host of technological and medical advancement amongst which hair loss treatments and supplements are one such fruitful result of the latest medical advancement. Currently, there are many superior hair loss treatments that can diminish the plight of people afflicted with hair loss. In this article, we wish to provide the most effective hair loss treatments that have worked magically for a major segment of populace.

Natural hair loss cure

Although there is no denying of the fact that cure for hair loss depends on the cause, few natural methods can help reduce hair loss irrespective of the nature of the cause. One main change that can result in big change is by ensuring proper nutritional intake.¬¬ Unfortunately most people these days are alien to the concept of balanced diet and consume food that is high in bad cholesterol. Eating food that is high in protein helps to strengthen the hair and promote hair growth. It is advised to include eggs, nuts, and grams in diet plan so as to ensure consistency in daily protein intake.

Reducing the frequency of hair coloring and heat treatments also improves the health of the hair. Off late, both men and women subject their hair to many chemical treatments to change the hair style and looks. This not only triggers hair loss, also results in graying of the hair at a very young age.

Below are the natural methods through which one can maintain a healthy hair.

Hair loss supplements

Consuming hair loss supplements that provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins which in turn makes it conducive for hair re-growth. Hair loss as a result of bad diet can be combated with the help of vitamin supplements too. These supplements nourish the root and prevent shredding of the hair. Some of the natural minerals include Biotin, Vitamin C and Niacin and zinc.

Hair loss medication

If genetics is the cause for inducing hair loss, then hair transplantation and medication will be the only way to treat such hair loss condition. There are many popular medications available in the market to treat hair loss. These medications work by reducing the DHT levels on the scalp and promote hair growth. Hair loss such as male pattern baldness is caused as a result of shrinkage in hair follicles. This reduction in the size of hair follicles happens because they are sensitive to DHT enzyme on the scalp. DHT is converted from testosterone in the body. By preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, hair loss medications reduce the DHT levels on the scalp and promote hair growth. The prominent and popular hair loss medications in the marketplace include Rogaine and Propecia. Both these pills can be easily purchased by visiting a genuine online pharmacy exl pharmacy and you can also help your friends who are struggling to find a reputed Canadian online pharmacy to purchase meds online. Both the medications have their own benefits and drawbacks and each works differently in individuals. To get a hair loss medicine that is suitable for you, contact a physician and seek his/her recommendations. However, bear in mind that these medications should not be stopped abruptly.

Every person is different and some methods that worked for others might not necessarily have the same effect on you. So try and test each method given in this article and see which one works to your advantage and that provide greater benefits.