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The different hair disorders

Hair loss is a common problem these days and is witnessed in both men and women. For some, hair re-growth happens without doing anything while for others, treatment and care is required to curb hair loss. For some, the growth happens quickly and for some, it takes a long waiting period to see hair growth. People need to take continuous medications in order to see quick and long lasting results. There are many reasons for hair loss and it varies for every person. For the sudden loss of hair, the reasons could be illness, medications, diet, deficiency etc. Sometimes, hair loss is also caused due to heredity where a person experiences hair fall slowly and turning to be serious gradually. The person having hair loss should need to consult a hair care expert immediately and get regular treatment for hair re-growth.

Following are some of the hair diseases that are caused in many people:

Androgenetic alopecia

This type is known as hereditary thinning or baldness and is the common cause for a number of hair loss problems and occurs in both men and women. When men have hereditary hair loss, thin bald patches is seen on the scalp along with receding hairlines. Women normally experience thinning of their hair.

Alopecia areata

This disease is believed to be autoimmune by many hair care experts. Autoimmune means that the body attacks itself and decreases the immune capacity leading to an assault on one’s hair growth. This results in round patches of hair on scalp. People with Alopecia areata are often found healthy and this hair loss problem could be treated with the help of medications.

Cicatricial alopecia

This is a rare type of hair loss problem and mostly affects healthy people. A person with Cicatricial alopecia has a spoiled hair follicle and develops scars where hair follicles were seen before. So the re-growth of hair is nullified. Treatment can help to stop the inflammation and spreading of the scar to other areas of the scalp.

Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia

This type of hair loss problem affects women and it occurs at the center of the scalp. With time, hair loss progresses all over the scalp beginning from the center of the scalp. The hair loss can be either slow or rapid depending upon the hair condition. The affected area on the scalp appears to be smooth and shining. A person may feel itching, burning, pain on the scalp if they experience fast hair loss. Treatment for hair re-growth is possible if the scalp is not affected by the scar.

Hair loss due to underlying medical illness

Hair loss generally indicates the first sign of any disease. Hair loss becomes the symptom of a number of diseases such as cancer, anemia, thyroid disease, viral attack etc. The hair loss can be curbed by treating the disease one is suffering from.


Hair loss also occurs after an illness. Surgeries, high fever, infection, cold or common flu are all certain maladies that can result in hair loss in people.


Hair loss also occurs due to radiation. Cancer patients often will have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy in order to kill the cancer cells inside the body. The heat due to radiation results in loss of hair.

Scalp ringworm

This disease is seen a common condition in children and is also contagious. If the condition is not treated on time, the ringworm disease can cause baldness of your scalp.

Other hair loss conditions

Pregnancy, delivery and menopause in women cause serious hair loss and hair fall problems in women which can be treated over a period of time.

Stress, weight loss, iron and vitamin deficiency are other common factors where a person sees abnormal hair fall and gradually facing hair loss problems. Medication and regular treatment can prove effective in curbing these hair loss issues.