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Hair losscauses

Hair loss causes varies in men and women to a slighter extent. Many at times, individuals stumble upon in the deciphering the exact cause of hair loss in their body type. Hair loss affects increasing proportion of men than women. The one simple cause of hair loss could be vitamin deficiency, whilst the other major cause could be an underlying medical ailment. There are many varied treatment options for containing hair loss, however it all depends on the cause. Hence, it is highly necessary to figure out the cause of hair loss and then accordingly opt for the right hair loss cure. through its hair loss experts have identified the most predominant hair loss causes.

1. Surplus of Vitamin-A

Those experiencing hair loss can abstain from consuming Vitamin-A supplement or any health product that is rich in Vitamin-A. Though hair loss experts argue that vitamin-A is highly critical for hair growth, on the other hand excess proportion of vitamin-A is bound to trigger hair loss. Once the intake of Vitamin-A is controlled, hair regrowth happens automatically, as hair loss is controlled to a greater extent.

2. Protein Deficiency

Lack of protein in the body results in hair loss. Hence, one should strive to include protein in the diet plan, so as to contain hair loss. Generally, hair loss gets triggered upon a significant drop in the protein consumption for months together. Protein deficiency is one of the hair loss causes because of which many tend to lose hair. Protein intake can be strengthened by consumption of egg, meat and fish.

3. Heredity factor

Heredity is the major aspect amongst all hair loss causes in women. Hair loss condition in women is referred to as androgenic or androgenetic alopecia. Women hailing from a family that has witnessed other women losing hair are most likely to experience hair fall. In women, hair loss leads to thinning of the hair. Opting for an effective hair loss cure is highly critical at such junctures.

4. Female hormonal change

Hormonal change during pregnancy or consumption of certain medications with particular ingredient can stimulate hair loss. More particularly, hormonal balance during the menstrual phase activates the receptors in the scalp area and because of which hair follicles becomes tiny and there happens to be an intense hair loss. Consumption of birth control pills should be avoided, as it might leads to hair loss in some cases.

5. Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is the most prominent of hair loss causes that triggers hair loss in both men and women. Rather than physical stress, the impact of emotional stress on hair loss is enormous. Emotional stress compound the problem of hair loss, thus aggravating the condition. Combating stress is highly necessary to control hair loss.

6. Being Anemic

Women in the age group of 20 to 49 are found to be anemic than women of other age groups, which in turn triggers hair loss in such women. Anemia is a medical condition caused due to iron deficiency. At such instance, foods rich in iron should be incorporated into the diet plan.

7. Chemotherapy

Since, Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment involving chemical substances, there are very high possibilities of hair loss in those women who have undergone the treatment. However, upon completion of the treatment hair regrowth happens, but in a comparatively different texture. Chemotherapy happens to be one of the predominant hair loss causes off late.

The aforementioned seven factors are the possible hair loss causes in men and women. However, hair loss cure should be obtained upon ascertaining the definite cause of it. As such, hair loss treatment are one and the same in both the sexes.