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Hair careat home

Hair loss is one of the most common problems affecting at least one third of the population globally. Hair fall is a natural occurrence, so one need not have to brood too much over the falling of few strands of hair. But when you feel that your hair fall is increasing in large numbers, then you must definitely seek medical intervention or natural remedies to treat excess hair fall. The causes for hair loss in men could be as a result of number of factors such as poor diet, lack of nutrition, over stress, exposure of hair to chemicals, genetic factors, and side effects from medications.

Whatever be the reason, hair fall can be addressed effectively from the comfort of your home by following these easy tips formulated by hair care experts to bring down the hair fall and make your hair thick and strong.

Use mild shampoo: Regularly shampoo your hair so as to keep both the scalp and the hairs clean. Doing so will lower the risk of hair damage and will erode away dandruff.

Consider Vitamin supplements: Vitamins are not only essential for your body but also for the growth of your hair.

Vitamin A: Helps in the production of sebum in scalp

Vitamin E: Enhances blood circulation in the scalp to make the hair follicles stronger

Vitamin B: Helps to retain the color of the hair

> Opt for a healthy diet

Those experiencing hair loss can abstain from consuming Vitamin-A supplement or any health product that is rich in Vitamin-A. Though hair loss experts argue that vitamin-A is highly critical for hair growth, on the other hand excess proportion of vitamin-A is bound to trigger hair loss. Once the intake of Vitamin-A is controlled, hair regrowth happens automatically, as hair loss is controlled to a greater extent.

> Oil Massage

Your scalp requires good nourishment from time to time to promote hair growth. Massaging your hair with essential oils such as lavender oil, olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil will help to restore the hair fall and also will keep the scalp cool making you feel relaxed.

> Hydrate yourself

People fail to understand that a major part of the hair fall problem is due to dehydration. Not drinking enough water can make you feel dull and fatigued, and your scalp will not receive natural minerals. Hydrate yourself by drinking lot of water along with tender coconut water, glucose water and fruit juices.

> Avoid alcohol/ smoking

A study states that drinking excessive alcohol can abruptly retard hair growth. Observe if your hair fall is due to drinking and stop it immediately to prevent further damage to your hair. Also smoking is a trigger in the hair fall process. Smoking can decrease blood circulation to the scalp as a result of which your scalp starts to shed hairs slowly.