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Propecia - An ideal medication for baldness in men

Men pay a lot of attention to their hair and try to maintain it as one of their best features. Hence, when simple factors interfere with the presence of healthy hair and balding occurs, they wish to seek options to treat this problem. Most hair loss treatments are expensive and involve complicated procedures. Propecia is a hair-loss medication which contains the active ingredient Finasteride, is the only FDA approved drug that can help treat the problem of hair fall and balding.

Baldness can occur from a number of reasons like aging, genetics, hormonal changes, lifestyle choices, and certain conditions of the scalp. The balding process usually starts in one particular area and then expands to more prominent proportions that it is easy to see the bald spots. Balding can also happen in patches especially when it occurs due any particular disease. Propecia as a hair loss drug helps to stop further balding. Propecia can also help to regrow the lost hair. One must of course understand that the sooner you seek treatment the better the results. Propecia may not be effective in persons who are completely bald.

How Propecia works in treating baldness in men?

Propecia pills are effective because they work directly to inhibit the hormone that causes loss of hair. What propecia does is to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which actually attacks the hair follicles to trigger the loss of hair. By suppressing the DHT levels by at least 70%, Propecia can prevent further hair fall. Continued use of Propecia drug can result in new hair growth as new hair follicles start forming in the place of the lost ones. Men who are worried about the clumps of hair that they find on the pillow, the bathroom drain, hair brushes, or on towels can definitely go for a consultation to see how best they can stop the hair loss. Bald men no longer have to resort to wigs and hair extensions to cover up any bald spots as they have the benefits of taking Propecia to help stop the problem.

How much Propecia is ideal for hair-loss treatment?

Propecia is usually taken at the lowest dose to check for the efficacy in that individual. If after a few months there are no visible results, then the dose may be increased. Since the growth of hair takes time, Propecia is indicated for long-term treatment. The single dose of Propecia should be taken once daily so that the low DHT levels can be maintained. Usage of Propecia is for men only and should not be taken by women or children as it is harmful for them. Propecia should also be taken only under the careful guidance of a doctor who will monitor for any side effects at regular intervals. With the double benefit of stopping hair loss and regrow lost hair, Propecia is the ideal drug to take for baldness.